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Default Re: New XFX GTX260 Core 216 Black Edition

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
What is so special about the XFX GTX 260(216) Black Edition,when the GTX 260 Evga Superclock or the GTX 260 BFG OCX (216 version) offer the same thing and both over great.I was just wondering if I am missing something.
It's the highest OC Core 216 out there at the moment. The price is only $50 more than the EVGA Super Clocked and about $45 more than the BFG Max Core. Figured if I'm going to spend the money might as well get the highest clocked model. Nothing against EVGA or BFG but I read several reviews and the XFX edition didn't seem any worse than those brands, good software bundle and lifetime warranty. I always say go with what you like, I just was happy with my Core 216 GTX260, wasn't bashing other brands.

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