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Default Re: New XFX GTX260 Core 216 Black Edition

Originally Posted by bromzue View Post
Which explains why you paid $100 dollars extra to have someone else do it for you and I guess your 20 years experience also explains your Q6600 running at stock speed. LOL.
Said I could, didn't say I wanted to, I'm not a purist I see no reason to mess with overclocking (I would need some refresher been years since I've done it.). I work on 200 computers a day 8 hours a day 40 hours a week. I've not got time to mess with overclocking and unstable systems. Have a nice life looser, I'm still pleased with my purchase even though your not.

Heard of the edit button? Two post for one line? Again really don't care, if they cover it or not I never looked because again doesn't really matter. Apparently you care what I do.

Bromzue is it okay if I eat this afternoon? I'd hate to not have your approval.
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