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Default Re: New XFX GTX260 Core 216 Black Edition

Originally Posted by bromzue View Post
Umm I guess you missed the part where I said my friend and I both have standerd clocked 192 shader 260's and both do the speeds I listed.

And since when is $100 more only a few extra bucks? I can take that money saved and buy 4gbs of ram with it or another hard drive. Lolerz.
Or maybe I already have that, see my spec I have 8GB of memory so why would I need more? I have over 800GB of hard drive space barely used. So yes it is just a few bucks to me, I got it as a gift to my self, I had planned to spend $300 on a card, seeing that they've gone down I went with OC one in my price range.

Yes he did prove a point, it's my money that I had planned to spend. I was looking to spend around $300 I had it saved it was planned so really no I don't care about $100. I make plenty.
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