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Default Re: GTX 260..... 192 vs 216

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I'd say that CPU will be a little more than a "bit" of a bottleneck for the 260.

Heck, both my old 185 and FX-60 weren't enough for a single 640MB 8800GTS back when I had the rig.
yes... i'm well aware, and fortunately, it does overclock quite well, it's a 2.6ghz,(stock is 1.8ghz so it should be at FX-60 speeds).... unfortunately i'm running a 939 socket cpu.... so no new upgrades... ever, also, i'm on DDR400 memory... so upgrading that is useless as well..... This video card will be the last upgrade my system will see without a complete overhaul.

Thank you all for the advice that I was looking for.... basically the difference between the 216 and 192 are small to begin with, and very much a null point with such an outdated cpu and memory...

I'm holding out for my next "big" upgrade to be a whole new system... I won't say it'll be i7... it'l probably be the next gen after that even... probably going to wait for USB3.0, Blu-ray to become cheap, HDMI to be standard... etc... i know i'll be waiting a while, but I just wanted to soak the very last bit of juice that I could out of this dated hardware.

Thank you all for the advice! I'm very excited to get this card this coming week
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