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Unhappy Please help! E P I C F A I L

So I bought this decent Gigabyte motherboard and Q9300 quad Core a while back. Without having to spend lots of cash I was hoping to squeeze some more love out of it to help the latest games. I recently upgraded my 8800GT to a GTX260-216, love it!

The motherboard box has big logos on it; how easy it is to overclock. And most websites have revealed taking Core 2 Quads up 500mhz is no big deal even on stock cooling. (I'd like to see 3ghz from my 2.5ghz)

So where am I going wrong? Even using the mboards on-board "OC-for-Dummys" it just locks even at small OC ammounts; won't post. Is it my ram? I bought good DDR2-800 Corsair ram. Do I need to buy ram that is clocked for my desired destination overclock? Like 1200mhz DDR2?

Any help is appreciated. My sig has my specs but my mboard is a Gigabyte EP-35C-DSR.
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