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Originally posted by druga runda
The CPU is AGOIA 0210, and people have been taking those to 1800 mhz +... so I don't think this is it,
Don't assume things like that. Every CPU is different. Heck, i remember a while ago, on [H] they tested 2 XP2200's (i believe) that differed only by one number (first part number ended with 22, second with 23 if i'm correct), so basicly they were twins.
However, when it came to overclocking, the first one would go way up to the 2Ghz mark and above, while the second one couldn't even reach 2Ghz. Steppings, weeknumbers, ... those may give you some indication on the overclockability of the particular cpu, but they guarantee you nothing!
and memory.. is crucial???
Well, if your one stick has been giving problems in another board, it doesn't surprise me one bit that it has issues with the nForce board as well. nForce is very picky when it comes to memory. You won't be putting OEM's in that baby!
Micron chips (the one Crucial uses on its sticks) have been validated by nVidia for use in their boards, so if the memory stick isn't the problem, it might be the Leadtek board.
Of course, it's hard to find out as the boards are virtually inexistent here in Europe. Reviews of the board are also very sparse
any ideas, I have options in the bios to give some extra volts 0.1 and .2 to AGP and to memory, plus up to 0.125 to the CPU (taking it to 1.875) , and a few steps in between.
Upping the voltages if an overclock isn't 100% stable is always a good idea, provided you have adequate cooling (which you probably have otherwise you wouldn't even consider overclocking! ). It's pretty limited, which is probably due to chipset limitations (that 415D gets damn hot!).

Are you still having problems running at normal (FSB = 133Mhz) speed now? You mentioned a weird shut down? Anyway, there should be no need to up voltages while running at normal speeds.
--- oh yes the Windows is Windows 2000 pro SP3.
The OS is most unlikely the cause of these problems. So never mind that.
Sometimes you just need to put 2 and 2 together
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