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Angry Re: Never again will I buy DRM

Long stories short:

1. Half Life - GOTY Edition, bought back in the days of Counter Strike Beta 3. A few months or so later, Steam is invented. No problem, I'll register my key....not. "Your key has already been registered" It was never shared or even seen by anyone else. Turns out Sierra released duplicates to many people. Support solution: buy the game again. My response: "FU!!!"

2. Splinter Cell. Plays fine until I'm half way through the game and see a patch was released. Install it, game never runs again, some cryptic error message I forgot. After days of troubleshooting the cause was the patch updated the "copy protection" and had added my Lite-On CDRW to the black list (because it was a good one, capable of making a 1:1 copy). I could no longer play the game at all unless I removed that drive and bought some generic junk to replace it? Again, "FU!!!"

There were a few other games that refused to run unless I uninstalled CloneCD, Nero, or whatever it was at the time too. I refuse to do that. I will not be told what I may or may not install on my PC by a game publisher.

Since then, I don't buy games with copy protections I don't care for and I will NEVER even consider buying a game with ANY kind of "activation" scheme attached to them. If I can not install and play it on a completely isolated PC, no internet connection, I will not buy it. Ever. Period. That's all I am going to say about that...

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