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Default Re: Call of Duty: World at War Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Im lvl 55 on cod 4 and loved that game, im now lvl 36 in cod 5 having lost my multiplayer save and having to start again .. started backing up after every rank up now, anyway i must say im loving playing this alot more than i did/do cod 4 .... at first i though i was gonna struggle adapting to the iron sites but some weapons do have a dot, with my trysty DP-28 MG i easily get a bigger score & more kills a map/round than i do/did in cod 4.

lovin' the game so far.

(the single player is alot better than cod 4 imo also)
heh, the DP-28 is my fav. so far and i'm rank 43 right now. its a beast in those maps with lots of buildings and concrete cover because the bullet penetration perk I have. rips right through cover and even takes down those noobs with juggernaut in a few shots.
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