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Default Re: Never again will I buy DRM

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
It's interesting I just ran Mass Effect and got no activation needed warnings. I have upgraded both my Windows and Games HDs and also my video card since the last time I ran it. So unless it stealthily went out and reactivated I should still be at 1 activation. Is there any way to check on how many activations you have?

It's interesting cause the way I upgraded my HDs was by cloning then resizing the HDs to use all the space so whatever SecuROM is using to check if the computer changed wasn't triggered. Though I am surprised that my video card didn't trigger an activation. Still I can't be sure if it didn't do it without notifying me.
as far as i know, and confirmed by bioware on their forums, mass effect doesn't do stealth activations. if required it will ask.
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