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Default Re: Please help! E P I C F A I L

Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX View Post
well i guess overklocking a dual core is way easier than a quad?

so a E8600+some P45 ASUS board si the better option to OC?
I had an E0 8600 @ 4.6Ghz, but my Quad @ 3.7Ghz was faster in games that took advantage of more cores, which are alot now. And with GTA IV coming I wasn't about to sacrifice any performance. Rockstar is suggesting a quad for GTA 4. Quad is a better all around CPU, but a dual will let you OC further. Do you want to be better off in the future or just have a bigger e-peen now to flaunt? I opted to go back to the better choice all around than the 4.6Ghz e-peen.

If you are looking for a cheap option to OC that quad...
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