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Default Re: Looking for Decent 37-47 inch 1080p HDTV

Originally Posted by -=Gib-McFragger=- View Post
Oddly enough, if you average it out...they don't.

They only draw high power when they are set to or displaying extremely bright images. If you calibrate them properly, it's not an issue.

Yes they have a higher peak draw, but remember this:

With an LCD, the backlight is always on and therefore it draws the same amount of power all the time. With a plasma, the power draw varies with what's being displayed. Darker images-less draw, bright images-more draw. Average out the draw on a plasma, and it's only a tad higher than an LCD (assuming you don't have it set to torch mode).
Here's a very good list comparing the power consumption of many lcd and plasma screens(note that all of the TVs were tested with the default settings):
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