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Default Re: LotRO DX10 Client = BOING!!1!11!!

Originally Posted by jcossin View Post
I'm using the 8.11 hotfix drivers with 4xAA on and haven't had any lockups and I had several 4 hour + gaming sessions over the weekend.

However, I'm getting some weird texture flashing now on the 4870x2. ATI always seems to fix one thing and break something else.

I decided to sell my 4870x2 on eBay and pick up a GTX260 core 216 and see how the game plays on it. If it sucks I'll probably off it and go back but we'll see. With the 30% off at eBay right now it's a great time to play around trying out hardware because you can buy it cheap but still sell at normal price if you don't like it! I sold my 4870x2 for $520, I got my GTX260 for $145 and if it sucks I'm sure I can get at least $225 for it and pick up a 4870x2 for like $350 again! All the while Microsoft picks up the tab with their cashback.... heh heh...
I keep crashing to the desktop after swift traveling around with 180.48 just thought I'd warn you.
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