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Default GTX 260 and the MSI 650i Motherboard (PCIe 1.0 question)

I know there were some incompatibility issues with the 8800GT line and motherboards running PCIe v1.0 spec. Despite the promised backwards compatibility, people had issues where no picture was displayed after upgrading and it was determined to be an issue with the card being PCIe 2.0 spec and the motherboards having 1.0 spec.

I'm looking to get a GTX260 shortly after Christmas and given that it's 2.0 PCIe spec, I was wondering if anybody could give me a clear answer on if it would work just fine with a MSI 650i SLI Platinum ( ) motherboard.

I'm on a 8800GTS 320MB right now, and if I don't have to upgrade my motherboard for a new video card, I don't want to just yet.

I just want to see if anybody has some confirmation that the GTX260 and my motherboard will play nicely with each other before the card is purchased. Thanks.
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