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Default Re: Looking for Decent 37-47 inch 1080p HDTV

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Who give's a rats ass how much energy they use? It's all about picture quality.
Shodan you say your LCD uses less energy than Gib's plasma which you agree has better picture quality. According to that chart Toss3 posted you are saving about $98.39 a year going with a tv that you agree has worse picture quality. That's about $8.20 a month you are saving. I would have went for the tv with the better picture quality if I could have afforded it.
Well if you pay the electric bill yourself you should care, especially if you are a student. I learned to shut off the lights after me pretty quickly after I moved out.. But that doesn't really matter in this case as a calibrated plasma(or even one running in eco mode)uses almost the same amount of electricity as an equally sized lcd(which you notice if you compare the pz800 and pz85).
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