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Ok... here is the update...

thanks for response Ascario

The weird shutdown is gone now, ... reason being I have made a Win 2000 reinstall - that weird shutdown issue appeared because of my switch from ACPI irq management to APIC. ( the valid method but had this effect). One more effect APIC switch had that UT2003 demo did not want to run anymore. It was coming up with a Application Error straight, not even safe mode wanted to start.

Switching user profiles, or uninstalling and reinstalling UT demo did no good.

So I thought that a windows reinstall was in order.

What I am amazed that with only the default Nforce + the detonator drivers use so little resources. Now when I boot up (with zone alarm only as a startup app, ok and default volume, and usb windows stuff), I have only 57 MB of memory used after startup.

wow, before on my ecs with the nic card, and soundblaster live + the sis drivers it was around 90 MB mark.

So now after reinstall (with APIC chosen straight) the shutdown issue is no more, and UT I didn't have time to try, but I guess it will work as it did work initially on the first windows setup with this board.

As for overclocking - the IRQ issue was gone with the current 1.13 Nforce drivers from Nvidia site (it was here with the default Leadtek drivers )

As I said the board now comes on to 147 FSB with one stick, two sticks make it unstable at that speed. It can boot but not run the whole úD Mark session.

149 FSB and the no post screen at all

The card was oc'd to 305/585 and it might go even higher

so my only question is when upping the FSB for just 2 mhz the board doesn't want to post, and two down I can run 3D mark and it appers stable (Ok I didn't run it long there, but I did spend a few hours on the net, and that 3D mark run which should mean it is at least farily stable at 147 FSB, and than 149 - no post.

That seem to me like possible mobo problem, maybe some bios setting and the like, and not neccessarily the CPU going over the top, as I would expect it to crash in tests because of overheating with just a 2 mhz difference - if it was the problem, the same with memory. When having two sticks it did crash, so that was obvious, but with one stick, no problems again at 147FSB. I would at least expect the post screen and than problems when trying to load windows (like a freeze, for CPU maximum, or problems with benchmarks when there is CPU/memory load, artifacts for the memory, and freezes for the CPU problems)

Other than than now running at 133 FSB, stable as a rock so far, and all together in 3D the new package makes me jump from 6150 on the old setup to 9141 (after putting the memory sticks to slot 1 and 2 to take advantage of Dual channel DDR) - 100 pts extra worth in this case. (opposed to 9040 reported above ) So that is a cool 50 % increase in 3D marks which is nice, I didn't expect so much to be honest.

The max OC with old setup was 7225, and with this one around10400 so far so I am not dissapointed in that department either by the card.

The only question now remains about that no post screen when I go to 149 FSB. Just curious, I might post this on a few other boards as well to see if there is something easy that I am missing.

Anyway, normally I will not run the whole setup at those speeds, as it shortens life expectancy and I don't really need that boost to have the best gaming experience , however it is interesting to see how far can I push this setup.

And the last - yes there doesn't seem to be any proper/ busy messageboard that I could find about Leadtek motherboards, generally people only have their Gfx cards. That is kind of a problem, but well for the price I bought the whole thing it is still great, as the board and gfx card work.
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