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Originally Posted by theuni View Post
I'll echo support there.. google x264 frameref.

Some/most guides out there recommend frameref=5, meaning a good chunk of what's already out there and what people rip won't be compatible from the start.

And from the ffmpeg man page:
* One of H.264's most useful features is the abillity to reference frames other than the one immediately prior to the current frame. This parameter lets one specify how many references can be used, through a maximum of 16. Increasing the number of refs increases the DPB (Decoded Picture Buffer) requirement, which means hardware playback devices will often have strict limits to the number of refs they can handle. In live-action sources, more reference have limited use beyond 4-8, but in cartoon sources up to the maximum value of 16 is often useful. More reference frames require more processing power because every frame is searched by the motion search (except when an early skip decision is made). The slowdown is especially apparent with slower motion estimation methods. Recommended default: -refs 6

So 6 is what has been recommended for a long time
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