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Default Re: GTA IV PC Official Thread,6...phics_effects/

And tomorrow in this web, a complete bench - is a very good web , maybe the best today about PC gaming and hardware -

Nice explosions form a contrast to the flickering vegetation that reminds of Far Cry 2.

GTA 4 PC: High visibility range, but a texture from GTA 3.

GTA 4 PC: Doesn't this picture remind you of Remedy's Bullet-Time Shooter from 2001?

GTA 4 PC: With Post Processing Blur and Bloom effects are cast over the scene.

The engine delivers nice particle effects (smoke, shards, fire), but you should look to close at the pixeled shadows and branches in the background.

With the rocket launcher you can blow up several cars at once. The particle effects are worth seeing but are quite challenging for the graphics hardware

GTA 4 PC: Moving objects are furnished with extensive Motion Blur.

GTA 4 PC meets Stranglehold: Niko shoots himself through Chinatown. Several objects (like the hand rails) can be destroyed.

GTA 4 PC meets Need for Speed: Which part of the NfS series spontaneously comes to your mind if you see this picture? Wet streets, Motion Blur and railway tracks...

GTA 4 PC: The shadow filtering possible on the PC is missing. Here almost nothing changed compared to the console version.

GTA 4 PC: An example for poor content: The textures are low detailed and of low resolution, the windows aren't transparent at all and the misplaced vegetation is frayed.

GTA 4 PC: Characters cast pixeled- - shadows on themselves, the number of polygons is acceptable. But especially the texture of Niko's jacket is low-res.

GTA 4 PC: The video options offer many possible settings that's good.
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