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Default Re: WTF? EVGA Precision is confusing me

Originally Posted by SLippe View Post
Every card? My 9800GTX doesn't. Is it supposed to?
You could download rivatuner and check the overclock part. It should list 3 modes from the drop down menu 2d, low power 3d (throttling) and performance 3d (your gaming speed).

If speeds on those three differs then it should power down when in 2d.

On a side note, my Gainward 8800Gt did not clock down in 2d. But my friends Gigabyte 8800gt did, so I had to create my own auto down clock profile.

Also, with the 180.48 drivers the g200 uses it's power saving features and down clocks a lot. To my understanding this feature was disabled in 170.xx
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