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Unhappy Blank Screen with nvidia 1.0-4496 Linux Driver

I'm running a PNY G Force FX 5200 PCI adapter in a Dell PowerEdge 2400 running Redhat 8.0 with kernel 2.4.20-20.8smp.

The mobo has a built in ATI 3D Rage IIC so I'm using the BusId in XF86Config to select the nVIDIA card.

If I try to start X (with startx -- -verbose 5 --logverbose 5) I get a blank screen the first time (even though the XFree86.0.log looks like it's OK.)

If I then hit Alt-F2 it terminates the server and if I try to start it again, the system is hung completely and I have to force a reset with the case button.

I saw the posts about long start up times and in the README so my XF86Config includes the IgnoreDisplayDevices option for DFP and TV. I also have the ConnectedMonitor option set to CRT.

If I run the VESA driver I can run at 1600x1200 and it starts up fine (with crappy performance of course.)

XF86Config attached. I'll get the XFree86.0.log output and attach that later (overwrote it with the VESA output.)

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!!!
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