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Default Re: GTX 260/280 Clock Throttling While in 3D Apps. An Explanation.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
that is not caused by the card, I had this problem, and it is caused by certain USB HID devices, most often by Logitech keyboards or mouse (G15 quite often), some Saitek and few other brands.
Hi. What is the solution to the problems caused by Logitech G15 keyboards? I am using a G15 keyboard and a G5 mouse. I love them both. When I play WOW on my system (Q9550 2.83ghz. 8gb RAM, Vista x64, GTX 280 - 180.48 drivers) I get excellent frame rates (well over 100 fps most of the time)...but the game stutters quite often causing brief but frequent spurts of choppiness during gameplay...however, the FPS remains high even when the game stutters. I have tried many different in-game settings and I have tried every Vista x64 driver that I could find for the GTX 280 and nothing has solved the problem so far. Most of my games run better than ever...but the game that I play the most, WOW, actually "plays" worse, even though I am getting higher FPS than I did with my former computer. I don't get it. If anybody has any ideas as to what might be causing the problem, I would love to hear them. Thanks so much.
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