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Default Re: Wifes PC needs an upgrade, I'm debating...

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post

Is there any new NV card coming down the pipe soon?
There does appear to be a 55nm GPU refresh coming from NV soon. Best guesses are that there will be no noticeable performance/price change as the primary reason seems to be to just increase yields per die. (NV is in a real cash crunch right now, especially with their laptop chips failing everywhere)

I just upgraded from a 8800GTX to a EVGA baseline 260-216.
now I run everything at 1900x1200 high quality with AA. Before I need to dial setting/resolution down to keep the frame rate reasonable and not have the card overheat.

Skip the 9800 series.

2.4gz CPU is a little low for the current A-list titles.

Go Google for specific card reviews that match up may of the titles you/she are interested in.

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