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Question Water cooling, is it worth it?

Hi guys, I need an opinion from any of you who has experienced water cooling... Is it worth it?

The reason why I'd like to do water cooling because of noise, and temperature. Is it true with water cooling you can get the lowest noise possible in your com, I mean you have to put a 120mm fan for the radiator, that might be noisy? correct me if i'm wrong...

and temperature, I use an Alpha8045 H/S right now, anybody knows it the difference with water cooling, is it a lot?

I'm really thinking of using water cooling since a couple weeks ago, I'm just wondering if it's worth the money...

One think I'm afraid though, this thing is "water"... water can harm my PC, It could blow up my PC all of a sudden If I don't installed it right...

So, Plzzz... need you guys opinion about this...

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