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Default Re: GTX260 in the mail

hey there. I too have given up on ATI in disgust and gone "home" to Nvidia. I had fond memories of my 7800GTX!

Am currently in the process of selling my both 4870's (512mb's) and should be getting the XFX GTX260 (216) Black Edition tomorrow morning.

The amount of stress and angst, that having an ATI Crossfire setup involves means that going for Nvidia is a really easy choice. I don't care what anybody says... the 4870X2 cannot and should not be compared to the GTX 260 or 280.

Without CFX profiles, there is no scaling and both GTX's can rape a single 4870. Remember that ATI take almost 3 months to get a Crossfire profile for a game.

As far as I am concerned Nvidia are going to be the choice of proper gamers for a while as can be evidenced by users such as ourselves who gave ATI the benefit only to slapped in the face by ATI/AMD.

I really hope that Nvidia can make ATI bleed when 40nm transition occurs next year. My two cents and to all Nvidia users!!! Enjoy your GPUS!!!
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