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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Another slight moan -trying not to be negative here, honest - a lot of the cloud textures darkest areas are transparent, so if you have a cirrus layer above you can see it through the cumulus. They look fine against a blue sky, but not with a higher layer of cloud. That last shot of slaWter's shows the effect against the bright sky, where the cloud tops look lighter in places.

I guess your more vocal about the bad points and we do have the right, but I don't want to be seen as anti - after all I am a FEX beta tester, but I am also a REX paying customer.

Just for balance...I love the water, esp. with the 'Sparkles' animation, it is without doubt the best water I've seen - sorry Steve, even your fantastic normals can't compete here

This shot does not do justice, as I had the water too dark, but it's quite a nice image.
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