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I have to say, I'm concerned about the lack of feedback (info) from Nvidia, MSI, Gainward (well stupid feedback) etc... What the F**K is going on here??? Seems to me (and I'm a nvidia man myself), but it seems to me that ATI will come out on top here!!!

I admit upgrading my PSU was a benificial move where the sound issue was concerened and that most of the flickering has gone away wit a few exceptions....... sadly.

Nvidia have the neccesary resource to throw various PCs together from various hardware vendors to investigate these issues...... seems to me they are stalling!! I ask the imortal question of 'WHY?' and 'Have I bought a dead duck, or what??' 400 worth of crap!!??

OK, OK.. I'm pissed with all this mollarchy but come on don't we deserve answers.... where's a WATCHDOG when you need one!! Seems to me Nvidia are more interested in their next NV chipset, next gen GFX card...... I see them now... come on chaps stuff this issue with the FX5900s we need to get our new card out before ATI release theirs!!!???? Seems to me it's about winning te Nvidia/ATI war...... and we the innocent victims!!!

That article over at The Inquirer hit the mark though...... sadly
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