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Default Re: GTX 260/280 Clock Throttling While in 3D Apps. An Explanation.

Originally Posted by Llamalama View Post
This works for the 8800GTX?
This is not supported directly on 8800gtx but I do basically the same thing via RT (RivaTuner) by having my OC profile kick in when the card goes to 3D mode and then an underclocked mode kick in when it transitions out of 3D mode. I monitor the clocks and while it sometimes detects 3D mode while browsing, I've never seen it do the wrong thing wrt not being in OC mode while gaming. So, I think its a great idea that the 200s do this out of the box, but.... that assumes they are doing it right. I've not, played Wow or some of the other games that people are reporting problems with.
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