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Originally posted by goblin
I have had what seems to be flicker on both a 8500 and 9700pro. It looked like my refresh was set to like 30hz. If I raised the refresh to 120 it would still be there.

It went away when I upgraded my power supply to a PC Power and cooling 450. It seems its not so much as the card but possibly dirty power or voltage flucuations.

Now both cards operate perfectly.
This is worth noting that the flickering problem is not exclusive to NVIDIA cards...although it does appear to be more prominent. There are compliants about flickering with ATI cards over at Rage3D's forums as well.

I have both a 9800Pro and 5900Ultra and neither have exhibited any flickering problems, with one exception (see my posts on page 11 in this thread). I still have yet to hear anything back from the author of UT2k3Bench as to whether or not this flickering is related to the graph control or not though.
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