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Default Re: Looking for Decent 37-47 inch 1080p HDTV

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
For motion it does. Like sports and the like, without it you get a lot of motion blur.
that is simply not true, you sound like some ad

before I bought my TV, I went to best buy and was staring at the TV wall, 60hz and 120hz TV for maybe hour.

all I notived that 120hz screen was more fuzzy.

this will be good read for you Bob

Watching the same HD source material on every TV (it included recorded footage of a Saints-Colts football game and a U.S. Open quarterfinal tennis match), neither I--nor my compatriots--saw anything that made us feel 120Hz was making a real difference.
look like a little tear or glitch in the picture. They appear for just a fraction of second, but they are noticeable. It's worth noting that the picture on the standard setting sometimes looks unnatural, too, particularly when the anti-judder suddenly kicks in during a fast pan and stabilizes objects moving across the screen.
Planet Earth--because, in some instances, it can really alter a scene, or at least take away from what the director intended the scene to look like. This is called "director's intent," and movie purists would argue that anti-judder tarnishes the viewing experience
The fact is, we haven't had a motion-blur problem with any of the newer 60Hz LCD TVs we've reviewed in recent times. Don't get me wrong--we did see a lot of what you might call blurring in faster-motion scenes, but it was always inherent in the source, so it looked basically the same on all of the TVs, including the plasmas.
conclusion: tiny to no difference, causes visual problems.
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