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Default Re: Flashing the BIOS on a GTX 280 while in SLI

I used GPU-Z to download the newer BIOS off of the newer card. After opening it up with NiBiTor I noticed the 3D Voltage was 1.11V rather than the 1.06V that's specified in the BIOS on the older card. The "Extra" voltage remained the same at 1.18V. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I went ahead and flashed the BIOS on the older card with the newer BIOS from the newer card. The index for the cards is actually 0/1 not 1/2. Anyway, I used index 0 and flashed the card without error.

I was curious if overclocking improved at all and suprisingly enough it did. Before flashing that one card I could get 650MHz core, 1350MHz shader, and 1200MHz memory. Now I have both cards at 700MHz core, 1400MHz shader, and 1200MHz memory. It could also be because I upgraded everything else in the system at the same time that helped, including the power supply.
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