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Default Re: 180.* graphical corruption and freezes system

Originally Posted by xin44 View Post
i had randomly dead-freeze too (sometimes 3 freeze in 5 mn ! 30 per day i became completely silly), textures corruption, flickering display, hard reboot, nothing with the 177.xx serie...etc... but at the moment i've installed a flash-blocker in mozilla( firefox was always launch with mini 1 flash animation on a tab all the day ex deezer), no more freeze ! one per day max !!
and when i deactivate flash blocker for some flash site - 30 sec and freeze !
hope it can be so simple for you !
if flash really is the cause, could you do some digging and find out which flash-version you're using ?

which nspluginwrapper, which flash version, which OS / architecture, kernel ...

more details please,

this should help the guys over at nvidia to (hopefully) reproduce and asap fix it


strangely it's all fine here with my 7600GT (from MSI), could you provide some steps to produce so I can see whether I can make it corrupt the screen, too ?
3.19.2-plus+ w. zram, ZFS, Btrfs; checksums>others

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