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Default Re: GTX260 in the mail

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
that might be true, but to be more excact i would say because of competition. if ATI was market leader for 3+ years their prices would have been higher, and nvidia would make them lower it.

it is not because ati is some type of savior.
I don't think he was calling them a savior I think he was only pointing out what you just said. If it weren't for the competition of ATI we'd be paying for overpriced video cards. Yes it works both ways for ATI and NVIDIA but what I think Jas28 was trying to say was don't wish that NVIDIA or ATI ever puts the other out of business. Or else we'll be paying $400 for GTX260 standards not $250 for Core 216s.

I don't think ATI is a savior and I don't think they are better than NVIDIA but they came back strong with the 4000 series and I for one couldn't be happier seeing as it made my NVIDIA purchase that much nicer. And for what it's worth I still have ATI and recommend it, I'm not a sucker for this blind fanaticism. Competition for the win!
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