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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Yes, it's very odd. When I first saw the interface shots it looked so clean and simple I assumed it would be a breeze to use, but it feels really clunky and unintuitive. I'm not sure how the preset themes work either - if I don't select real world then it uses either my saved setting or an FSX theme, but not it's own...which you have to select if your not using 'real world'. Apart from the all encompassing mist, real world weather does some horrible things with the clouds at times too, giving ugly, messy unrealistic skies. I am going to go back to ASX for real world weather, which works much better and hope they sort it out.

The textures are mostly very nice though and I am very happy to have it as part of my texture arsenal.

EDIT: I type real slow......Steve, I will take a look at that - looks interesting. ATB getting back up and running.
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