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Default Re: GTX260 in the mail

LOL of course you are right on that! I guess I meant that I hope that Nvidia win the at 40nm, but with ATI closely behind in order to keep prices sane!

I have a good feeling that Nvidia will triumph as well as they are going to 40nm before ATI which would be a first as usually ATI goes for die shrinks first. I prefer close competition but with Nvidia as the overall victor. I reckon PC gaming would be dead if Nvidia took AMD/ATIs attitude to working with game devs... So thank god for Nvidia

Frankly I can say this. ATI image quality "seems" in my opinion at least to be inferior to Nvidia quality in the latest games like Fallout 3 where HDR is totally broken on ATI hardware! Plus GTA4 has totally crapped out on ATI hardware due to excellent ATI driver support (sarcasm meter overload )...Check out PCGH for the article

The XFX 260 (216) Black Edition is truly amazing and smokes my previous 4870.I have realised that TWIMTBP campaign isn't a gimmick... There really is a difference in visual quality, gameplay and lack of input lag...(here's looking at you Crossfire). So let ATI enjoy their small period of respite because I assure you Intel and Nvidia will give them some major problems in 2009.

My regards to all Nvidia users!
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