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Default _which_ quadro cards have stereo support under driver 3123

i would like to know which quadro chipset is included in the new quad-buffer-stereo support. is it only the quadro4 700/750/900 series, or e.g. the quadro4 500 as well ?

in addition, can I use the shutterglasses & cables I bought for the GeForce2 / MSWin / Stereodriver _or_ do I need to get extra cables and glasses ?

i develop low-level openGL scientific visualization software on several unix systems, among them linux. up to now, only expensive un*x workstations could offer quad-buffer based stereo, but with the latest advancement and effort of NVIDIA, linux+opengl is finally maturing to a point where it can replace these commercial workstations in this respect (thankyou thankyou thankyou). now i read that quad-buffer stereo is supported with the newest 3123 driver, only its not clear exactly which quadro chipsets are supported.
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