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How many times does one have to repeat it: There's nothing wrong with the cards!
YES... THERE ... IS!! How many times do we have to repeat that? If you're so sure there is nothing wrong with the cards, PROVE IT. Not by having some Nvidia person say there's nothing wrong with the cards, but by telling us how a card that flickers can be made to stop flickering. Besides, if there is nothing wrong with the cards, WHY DOES THE GEFORCE4 NOT HAVE this problem in the SAME SYSTEM, nothing else changed? And the ATI 9800 Pro doesn't have the problem in the same system. It should be obvious to any idiot that there is something wrong with the cards!

Let me tell you, if next generation of cards, have this problem, Nvidia might as well get out of the graphics business and stick to chipsets, because they'll be as doomed as 3Dfx. I'll switch to ATI and settle for old games crashing rather than all games flickering.

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