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Stripe7, I think you should contact Nvidia and see what they say since you live in the Bay Area. The offer still should be valid since we have not heard otherwise.

As for the answers this is BB NVPR's thread and we should wait for his response...yes, I know everyone has waited already...but we should at least hear what he has to say. At least, that will represent what Nvidia has to say.

BTW, I would suggest not to go out and buy a new psu to replace the one that has been serving you well. I have an Enermax EG465P, Antec 480W TP, Enlight 340W, and an Antec 430W TP. I have tried the 5900U using each of these psu's and have experienced no problems. A PC Power&Cooling psu might be great to have but not just for a video card.
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