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Default Factory Overclocked Cards- Good or Bad?

I'm curious what you guys think on factory overclocked cards, are they less reliable? Are they better overclockers overall? Is the increased power drain a big issue?

The reason i ask is that i'm going to buy a GTX260 next week but I can't decide between:

The XFX Black edition 216:

Or the EVGA Standard 216:

They're both the same price, but because the only card i've ever had a problem with (see link here) was an OC'ed BFG i'm slightly hesitant to go for the XFX (Who i've heard have pretty bad support).

Also I quite like the idea of step-up but I doubt the new GTX260 in Jan' will be that much better, so it's probably not that relevant.

Also, i'll be getting a Corsair TX650 to power it, that should be ok right?
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