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Originally posted by Jericho
It can't be a design flaw if the majority of users dont even have this problem. Especially since there is a forum full of ATI users with the same issue.
Respectfully i say, there is a flaw in your logic.... If it is true that most do not experience the problem, that does not at all disprove the board having a design flaw. Assuming it is system-dependant issue, the problem is seen on some systems but not others, however a board that is not defective should work on any system meeting the system requirements listed. am i wrong? my system, as well as the systems of everyone else do meet the system requirements of this graphics card. Even more evidence in that my GF4-ti4200 ran without any flicker but when i install my GF-FX i get the flicker. However it is possible that the FX uses a feature of the motherboard that the gf4 does not use and that that feature of the motherboard is deffective, i highly doubt that in all the variety of motherboards in use by everyone else experiencing the problem, that the motherboard is in fault or any other part in the system.

Also, with regard to the 2nd part of your statement.... just because ATI users have the same or similar problem, does also not disprove the GF-FX as deffective in design. Is it not possible that both ATI and Nvidia could have the same flaw?

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