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Default Re: Official XBMC Releases and Discussion

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
just two things would make this skin a lot better.

1) an easier way to tell what mode you are in, so people don't get lost again

2) wide icon support, I have all my TV shows set up with wides icons, to much work switching over

edit: added few things that need to be done

3) need to add better font, current won't display certain forgein characters

4) need to add notification which clips have been watched already

5) back (up) and all seasons icons need to be different from other non-thumbs icons
Awesome, I'll post them up on the XBMC forums and share them with that community.

So you were stuck in the settings huh? Haha, I can vouch for that, I was stuck there too. Also, you can tell what mode you are in by looking at the lower right hand corner where it says "Setup Menu". I believe that's what it says, I'm not exactly sure off the top of my head but I know it's there.

einstein_314 - No, it's not EvenGhost. It's just "IRBlaster" or "IRMaster". Something like that. I'll have to dig it up.
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