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Default glxgears stutters in Fedora, not in Ubuntu

I have posted this question in the Fedora forums as well, but since it kind of relates to other distributions as well, I thought posting in a forum for the common factor could be a good idea.

I'm trying out Fedora 10 as an option to Ubuntu 8.10 on my "workstation" (X2 3GHz, 4GB RAM, GF8600GT) and things have gone pretty well so far. I installed Fedora 10, did the usual hw setup using NVidia drivers from rpmfusion, tried glxgears and got about 4500 FPS but it also stuttered pretty badly. I thought this was kind of low and the stuttering was pretty horrible, so I installed Ubuntu 8.10 and glxgears pumped out 7500 FPS with no stuttering at all, using NVidia drivers from Ubuntu repos. I then reinstalled Fedora 10, because I really would like to get it to work, and needless to say the stuttering is still there.

Obviously, from the FPS, I do not have software rendering on so that's not the problem. I also disabled desktop effects in all test cases. What could cause the stuttering in Fedora, or what could I try to make it go away?
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