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Default Re: glxgears stutters in Fedora, not in Ubuntu

I don't understand why this topic brings so much heat, the thread at Fedora forums isn't exactly heartwarming either.

For more info, here's my last post over there:

I actually tried a couple of other OpenGL demos before to verify the problem and saw the same thing. But just to be nice, I tried Glaxium. Got the same result, decent frame rate (almost 500) but pretty horrible stuttering.

Oh, and the stuttering occurs even if I use an xterm only session.

The pesky thing with this "bug" is that it's pretty hard to figure out where it comes from and I thought somebody here maybe could have an idea what I should look for.
EDIT: About why I care about glxgears stuttering:
Something is obviously wrong in Fedora and I want to know what. Simple as that.
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