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Default Re: glxgears stutters in Fedora, not in Ubuntu

Originally Posted by takahide View Post
Had you read the post you would (hopefully) have realized that it was not a question regarding performance but rather throughput on the same piece of hardware. Actually, the fact that you bring that up makes me think you're just regurgitating what others have said--in other context--hoping it makes you look somewhat cool; whilst in reality you are just causing unnecessary traffic.
You are right, every post I write increases my coolness!

Thank god you are here to read posts and answer in the correct context and not create unnecessary traffic.

Now if you read my post you would understand 2 things:

1. glxgears doesn't show anything! Use a real application to reproduce any problem.

2. The stickies show HOW to create a bug report which is needed in every case.

The original poster understood nothing of these, you didn't either. Now DO YOU UNDERSTAND or YOU are just creating unnecessary traffic?
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