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Default Re: 1920x1200 video playback performance

Originally Posted by azenz View Post
I did search around but could not find any information that was really helpful (and some relevant posts had no solutions in them).

I don't think that VDPAU is the issue here because I have a fast CPU and MP2 playback at full resolution only uses 40-50% cpu (one core). What I get is like a banding effect which is quite noticeable in panning scenes, not just HD resolution video but also simple PAL (although there it is slightly less noticeable). Helpful comments would be much appreciated, especially since I managed to solve the terrible 2D performance problem with upgrading to the 177.82 driver and using the recommended settings. Unfortunately, that didn't solve the video playback problem...

VDPAU IS the answer. 50% of 2 cores is 100% of 1 core since your player uses only one cpu and without VDPAU you don't get hardware acceleration from the GPU, so you have reached the maximum cpu utilization and that is why your video isn't smooth.
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