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Default Re: glxgears stutters in Fedora, not in Ubuntu

1) glxgears shows throughput from an application that is identical on two platforms. It works well under Ubuntu but not under Fedora, and therefore something is wrong in Fedora. I also did try a bunch of other applications (or in your perspective, "real" applications such as games). glxgears is a valid _benchmark_ to measure with in this case, look up the actual definition of that word to understand why I use it here (I'm not kidding, look it up).

2) I read through all the stickes before posting to prevent situations like these, the only remotely relevant one was about about increasing the X verbosity level and using _after_ the error occurred. The thing is, I do not have problems with the NVidia drivers, the exact same driver with the same configurations works perfectly well under Ubuntu so I'm not looking for assistance from NVidia. I'd like to have a discussion regarding actual performance problems under Fedora compared to Ubuntu. There's no bug.

Btw, I got this in a reply in another forum:
All that the imbeciles can say is, "glxgears is not a benchmark, therefore your problem does not exist." Ignore those imbeciles.
Seriously though, gbil, if you think this thread is silly, just let it go.
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