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GeForce4 (Linux 2.4.22
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Default 2.4.21 / 2.4.22 Nvidia 4496 corrupted display after X logout.

I"m running SuSE Linux with a custom 2.4.21 / 2.4.22 kernel build. I've tried the installer and compiling drivers myself. I get the same result all ways...

After I end my x session and return to text mode, my screen is corrupted and I can't see anything.
Only solution is have is to blindly type:
shutdown -r now
and let it reboot.

I'm running a GeForce4 440 AGP
Video BIOS:
Kernels 2.4.21 & 2.4.22
GigaByte 845PE667Ultra2 mobo
512 MB DDR ram
SuSE Linux 8.1 pro.

THe same drivers run fine on wife's geforce2 and my son's 5200.

Any suggestions?

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