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Default Re: glxgears stutters in Fedora, not in Ubuntu

leigh123, thanks for the constructive tip. The thing is, I used the same stable driver (177.82) under Ubuntu as in Fedora and the latter messed it up. the problem was never the driver. I do appreciate the effort, but it's too late now anyway, I switched to OpenSolaris and it smoked both Ubuntu and Fedora (avg. 9100 FPS compared to avg. 3900 FPS, Fedora halved it! One has to be mental to not understand something is wrong.).

artem, I maybe treated you a bit harsh, the whole issue made me fed up. Sorry about that, you were one of the two to come up with constructive material.

I'm fed up with this flame war. I don't want to offend anybody who should not be offended, but since I'm never gonna visit these forums again for obvious reasons:

I posted a harmless question about why Fedora messed it up. I got some stupid replies and even bashed. Yay.

I don't care about being taken seriously by nitwits. I know what I'm doing when I run glxgears and I don't need copycats linking the same stupid sites to me over and over outside the proper context. I don't care about the absolute frame rate, I don't care about fill rate, I don't care about fragment shader performance, I don't care about memory transfer, I don't care about statistical optimization for read back operations (not yet, but I will have to when I'll have to implement it myself), I don't care about anything of that. Ubuntu was smoother than Fedora using the exact same application, the exact same driver and the exact same X server, still Fedora messed up. I'd like to to atleast get tips on what to look for, but no, that's not how it works. No insightful discussions, newcomers follow stickies and the regulars post bs. When did the Linux community go into this damp, dark hole?

And I did try other things than glxgears, I actually tried games and I have mentioned that. I thought regulars would read posts by newcomers just as they expect the newcomers to read stickies, but they don't. Respect.

This thread is dead to me.

If anybody has anything to add, perhaps someone who has discovered this problem and fixed it, start a new, clean thread for everybody's sake.
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