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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by Sgt_Pitt View Post
lol they still havent implemented dx10? wasn't that supposed to be a major selling point ?
Still could be if they have the sense to distribute with some freebies when the patch comes. The truth is that the game is more stable than ever before, many of the bugs have been fixed, and the departure of the producer, for all his sour grapes, seems to have gone some way to invigorating the development team.

Given that it's just about reached the state it should have been in at launch, Funcom should try to pull off a similar trick to that played with the revamped Witcher and effectively relaunch their game. Instead of cynically milking the player base they should offer a week of free play to all subscribers, old and new, and should reduce their ridiculous subscription rate by around 15 per cent, to bring it in line with other MMOs. Free play has gone some way to bringing players back to the streamlined and debugged Vanguard, so a similar approach could work with AoC.
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