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Thumbs up Cheap SLI Cooling

I recently switched back to SLI and although I wasn't satistisfied with the high GPU temperatures, like some of you I keep the side of my case open since I swap out graphics cards frequently.

With an SLI configuration using the GeForce GTX 280, I was able to knock of 13 C (from 98 C to 85 C) in the Furmark Benchmark at load using a quiet running 120mm fan! This was accomplished by affixing the 120mm fan to blow hot air away from the GPUs like so:

A 120mm fan is perfect for this type of application as it does a great job of pushing the heat generated from the graphics cards out of the case while running extremely quiet.

At idle the GPU temps are running at 50 C / 49 C with a default GPU fan speed of 40%. At 50% fan speed, temps drop to 48 C / 47 C and at 60%, temps were 45 C / 43 C. Room temperature during testing was 70 F / 21.1 C.
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