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Well, going back to someones statement regarding PSUs.. I DID upgrade my PSU to and Antec TP 550 and it cured my noise issue (clicking etc), so I am convined there is a power consumption issue.. I now have only the flicker issue to resolve and have heared that people playing the CoD Demo that they do not experience this issue nor the fog issues like with MOH.... curious. (5900 owners that is)

I know and so does Nvidia know that there are issues I just think they are either writing a new bios and/or drivers to resolve them.... suppose we need to hang on.

THe brief coming from Nvidia would seemto suggest they are either going to anounce their profits and/or new products.. don't expect amention regarding the 5900 issues... they will not publically admit anything that will affect their share of the market forcing people over to ATI!!!
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