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Originally posted by pe1chl
The BIG disadvantage (in my opinion making it unusable) of twinview is that it disables hardware video overlays. Both on the first and on the second screen.

So, when you view video on you primary monitor, it cannot be overlaid (and scaled) in hardware but this must be done in software.
This eats 50% of my P4/2533 :-(

Unfortunately even with 2 X screens there are no video overlays on the second screen.
So, when you view a movie on the second screen, it is scaled to the selected video resolution and copied to the video memory in software.

This is especially bad since the resolution in TV mode is not freely programmable, so it cannot be set to match the movie resolution.
I think it may also be responsible for the lack of synchronization between the vertical refresh on the TV and the updates of the frame memory. So, when you watch a movie with a lot of movement (especially horizontal, as in quick panning), you will see artifacts of the swapping of the frame while the TV is scanning it.

All in all, after using the tv-out videocard in my system for a couple of weeks, I am getting more and more convinced that it is unusable for the purpose of watching movies on a TV screen. The fact that nVidia cannot get the "underscan" under control is not helping either.

I now have a "Dream multimedia DM-7000s" which is a DVB settopbox with ethernet interface, that runs Linux as the embedded OS. It can play MPEG-TS streams and some other formats as well, retrieving the file data from the PC using NFS or some forms of streaming.
This looks much more promising. I have a fullscreen picture, of broadcast quality. It is also much more practical as you can put it near the TV and connect using ethernet.
It only needs some clever scripts to do on-the-fly conversion of movies it cannot play (e.g. DIVX) into formats it can play. Working on that...
oh yes, I notice this problem when I watch a movies yesterday
I thought it was the movies is bad quality ...
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